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How to clean evaporator coil?

An evaporator coil is a component inside a refrigerator or freezer that cools the interior’s air. Air from outside passes through the coil before entering the unit. Some coils have a built-in fan that creates a current of air inside the coil. People often have to clean an evaporator coil because the unit has a filter inside it that gets filled with dust. Cleaning an evaporator coil ensures it works efficiently and keeps your food cold.

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An evaporator coil uses a fan to force air through the interior of the unit. The fan turns on automatically when the unit starts working and turns off when it stops. Some coils have a timer so the fan stays on for a certain amount of time. This temporarily pushes more air through the coil and cleans it more effectively. People can clean an evaporator coil by vacuuming the unit or using a coil brush. A coil brush has bristles that pick up loose particles and dust from inside the coils. Fans within a coil help push air through the interior, removing dust and other particles you don’t want in your food. After cleaning, you should seal your unit to keep it clean and dust-free.

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You can seal an evaporator coil to keep it clean by running a compressor through the coil’s fan. You can also do this by plugging your refrigerator’s drain hose into a sink and running water through it. This forces air through the interior of your refrigerator and keeps it clean without using a vacuum or brush. You can also unplug your refrigerator, open its door and run a portable hose from the drain outlet to your sink. Run water through this hose while plugged into your refrigerator to force clean air through it. This method is best done during colder months when fewer people are using their refrigerators.

Conclusion about how to clean evaporator coil

Anyone can clean an evaporator coil by using methods such as purging with water or using compressed air. A filter inside some units collects dust, which you can remove by desalting or cleaning the coils themselves. People with experience should clean their refrigerator’s coils regularly to keep them working properly.

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